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Album cover shot
Street Date: January 19, 2006 MTM MUSIC -Europe 
                   December 20, 2006 Marquee/Avalon -Japan

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Official "Rising Up" promo pic

Norway before the photo shoot at Jim Santos' Oak Ridge Studios

Dave Baldwin  

Jim Santos

Joe Slattery

Marty Brasington

Norway Logo

March 16, 2011
More new music !

Look for our new song with Dave Baldwin on vocals, "WHERE ARE YOU NOW" on the Melodicrock MR7 CD and with the April 2011 issue of Hardline Magaizine!  


November 8, 2008
New Music!

Guitarist Jim Santos joins forces with original Norway vocalist Glenn Pierson for a rocking version of the classic Uriah Heep song "The Wizard"

April 16th, 2008
Guitarist Jim Santos appears on 2 tracks on the  long awaited AOR project FROZEN RAIN. Early reviews are calling it a classic, must have AOR Masterpeice. The album features contributions from many well known AOR artists such as Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Steve Newman (Newman), Daniel Flores (Minds Eye) &Jim Santos (Norway) . 
Jim added a solo at the end of "Never Be A Fool Again", and a bit of rhythm guitar in" Say That You Love Me". He also did the mixes for those two songs and a 3rd, "Your Love". If you love melodic rock, then do yourself a favor (and Kurt), and head over to his site and pick one up now ! 

April 7, 2008
In addition to CD's you can now purchase downloads directly from CD-BABY for Night Dreams and Arrival

June 18, 2007
NORWAY will be playing LIVE July 27th
Here's the show photo's

May 1, 2007
Interview on Lords of Metal Webzine

April 06, 2007
Interview on

March 26, 2007
New review at Sea of Tranquility webzine

March 10, 2007
Review at MetalDreams webzine! 

February 28, 2007
Current issue of HARDLINE magazine has interview, and a review  8 out of 10. 

February 26.2007
Interview with Jim Santos on webzine

February 7, 2007
Review at
Review at

February 6, 2007
 Interview up at Allaradio.Org  (Italy) and also an
Interview at

January 22, 2007
Interview on

January 20, 2007
Great review on ALLARADIO.ORG (Italy)

January 20, 2007
Very nice review at TRUEMETAL.IT and also interview with guitarist Jim Santos
Also great review and interview at

January 17, 2007
Check out the rave review over at Metal Express Radio

January 13, 2007
Mainstream Rock Radio (Netherlands) will be airing live tracks from RUFTA tonight, as well as an interview with guitarist Jim Santos recorded last week.

January 11, 2007
Nice review at 

January 10,2007
Jim Santos does interview with Jason Ritchie for Classic Rock Newswire

January 9, 2007
More great reviews spotted at MyRevelations (Germany), RockingGR (Greece), MSTOS (Germany),

January 8, 2007
Rave review at AOR Dreamzones

January 3, 2007
Jim Santos does interview with Mainstream Rock Radio's Mark Koenraadt
and with 's David Felix 

January 3, 2007
Review at Lords Of Metal webzine. ( 8/10 )

December 31, 2006
RUFTA gets a rave review ( 9.5 / 10 )at The Pit (Germany)

December 29, 2006
Norway does interview with Truemetal webzine (Italy)

December 28, 2006
Norway does interview with Twilight magazine (Germany) & TempiDuri (Italy)

December 23, 2006
RUFTA is on the CD Showcase, with MP3's

December 20, 2006
"RUFTA" is released in Japan

December 19, 2006
Rising Up From The Ashes gets a rave review from

December 18, 2006
Jim Santos does interview with Hard Line Magazine (Germany)

December 12, 2006
Guitarist Jim Santos does interview with Denis Bonetti of

December 9, 2006
BURRN MAGAZINE (Japan) gives RUFTA a score of 86!

December 9, 2006
NORWAY album info at Marquee/Avalon's website.

December 7, 2006
Norway is donating royalties to Music Rising.
Read the press release here

December 7, 2006

December 3,2006 -
New Merchandise in the bands web shop for the Rising Up From The Ashes cd promo campaign.

Here the latest on what the press is saying: : "another 9 tracks of pure AOR brilliance ! "

Sea of Tranquility : "founding guitarist Jim Santos proves why his name should be more easily recognized" :" The vocals of Dave Baldwin are amazing"... "Rising Up From The Ashes" has already placed itself in the ’first AOR purchase of the year’ position. "Norway has opened up the New Year with an absolute Melodic Rock masterpiece"

Strutter Zine' "their comeback is very impressive  ...Dave Baldwin even makes them better" “Already the first melodic highlight in 2007!” 8,9/10 "just like Phoenix from the ashes!“"super melodic and emotional!" “The nine songs that are to be found on “Rising Up From The Ashes” are all incredibly strong!”

Classicrock: “Norway keeps classic melodic rock alive and well. An essential addition for the New Year!” „Every melodic rock/AOR fan should buy this one. It´s a must-have.!“ „ there is nothing to criticize with this album. It will please all fans of AOR and melodic hardrock!“ „this album is a time travel through the 80s, absolutely worth listening to and a must-have for every melodic rock fan!” “the songs of the new album are brilliant!“ “it's their best of the 3 releases „ a superb masterpiece of Melodic Rock!“ 9,5/10

" nothing less than the very best AOR release in a very long absolute Melodic Rock masterpiece"      
                               ANDREAS NERGÅRD 

".....AOR of the highest school! "
                           Fabio Vellata,

"..superb melodic rock ! "

"...a great AOR release....a MUST have for any AOR / melodic rock fan"
                         David Felix,

"they have given us the hope back for classic melodic rock" - Johnny Forslund /AORDREAMZONES

the first cool AOR record this year ! 
                                        Lords of

"..Norway keeps classic melodic rock alive and well...essential.."  
              Jason Ritchie-classic rock newswire

"..the new song Only One I Need is brilliant"  12/04/06
"a damn fine comeback album!"  01/11/07

"am especially digging "Only One I Need" -the closing guitar solo is awesome" - Michael Popke -11/29/06

"exactly the sound we wanna hear every moment. Great tunes, can't await to hold the promo in our hands!!  12/02/2006

Japan advert

Review in Burrn! Magazine