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Bass Guitar   Vocals    Songwriter

Joe brings the heavy bottom to the band. With perhaps the heaviest influences of anyone in the group, citing such metal luminaries as Lynch Mob, Dokken, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Blue Murder, and classic pioneers such as Led Zep, Deep Purple, Joe was integral in making the Norway sound heavier. Joe will only play his pre-CBS Fender Jazz bass, and vintage Ampeg SVT.

A journeyman club player, Joe has played with Ken Dubman(Prophet), Ray Gillan(Badlands) and Ted Poley(Danger,Danger) among others, before joining Norway. Not content with just playing bass, Joe has matured into a fine songwriter, co-writing three songs for the "Arrival" album, and two songs for "Rising Up From The Ashes".

When Norway is on hiatus, Joe  performs  with Ted Poley.