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Jim Santos
Guitars  Keyboards   Percussion  Vocals  Songwriter

The Story
Playing guitar since age 10, Jim is a self-taught musician. In addition to guitar, he taught himself bass, drums and keyboards.  Jim writes or co-writes all of the bands songs and is the bands engineer and producer. Jim's main axes are a custom shop Fender Fat-Strat, a Gibson Les Paul, ''84"CAT" Strat and a Fender Telecaster. Other gear includes Taylor, Washburn and Takamine acoustics, Gretsch and Epiphone  hollow-body's. Keyboards are Roland and Korg.

A product of the busy New Jersey club scene, performing 5 nights a week with a number of groups, Jim has also worked professionally as a FOH mixer, and is a self-admitted tech head that enjoys computers. His eclectic musical influences run from Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, Todd Rundgren and Eric Clapton to Pink Floyd, Yes, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest  and  and 180 degrees from that  to the Allman Bros. He can often be heard muttering "I just wanna play the blues"!



NEW !   updated 03/16/2011
New NORWAY song
"WHERE ARE YOU NOW" available exclusively on the new Melodic Rock MR7 2-disc compilation.
Order yours today ! 

"Where Are You Now"  will also be on the CD with the April issue of Hardline Magazine! 

January 8, 2010 - Uploaded 2 remixes of songs from Rising Up From They Ashes. They sound better than 

what's on the record and are free to all to download :-) Check them out at our MUSIC page.  

November 5,2008 - Jim & original vocalist GLENN PIERSON have begun collaborating on recording some of their favorite cover songs. Here's a sample of Uriah Heep's -The Wizard given the NORWAY treatment !


Great friend and roots / R&B artist WIZ (aka Peter Knight) from down under has a wonderful new CD out titled "Forty Years" Head on over to his website and check it out! 

April 16th, 2008
The long awaited AOR project FROZEN RAIN has been released, and early reviews are calling it a classic, must have AOR Masterpeice. The album features contributions from many well known AOR artists such as Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Steve Newman (Newman), Daniel Flores (Minds Eye) &Jim Santos (Norway) . 
I added a solo at the end of "Never Be A Fool Again", and a bit of rhythm guitar in" Say That You Love Me",as well as did the mixes for those two songs and a 3rd, "Your Love". If you love melodic rock, then do yourself a favor (and Kurt), and head over to his site and pick one up now ! 

April 7, 2008 -Added some new gear pic's, I've recorded tracks for two AdryA songs, and have been writing some new material. Really trying to decide  to undertake another NORWAY album, or just let it fade away and do something new.  It's hard to spend a year writing and recording to get screwed by the label. This is the first Im talking about it, but MTM never even paid us the advance and then folded. It appears they did not even make the necessary GEMA payments for the songwriting royalties, so it looks like we wont get that either.  So we'll have to see.

Also my pal Kurt Vereecke's FROZEN RAIN album is getting released April 18th,so check it out!
I added some rhythm guitars,one solo, and mixed 2  or 3 songs. 

March 26, 2007
Wow! It's sure been busy with promotion for "Rising Up From The Ashes"! Thanks to you all, for the fantastic support and warm welcome back. I've also been busy mixing a few tracks for Kurt and Frozen Rain, and I'm about to start recording some guitar tracks for a wonderful new artist,
AdryA . She has a totally unique soulful style that is melodic and  full of beautiful melodies and a moment later she seems to transform the sound into something progressive & pulsing that at first catches you unaware.....then transports  you to another place, and back again. I'm thrilled to be working with her! So check her out here: AdryA at her homepage, and at her myspace page.

I also have an all acoustic mix of "SAVE ME"-Just  Dave Baldwin & I with a acoustic guitar and a piano, a full band acoustic/pop version of the ballad "ONLY ONE I NEED" and a completely re-mastered version of our favorite track from our debut CD Night Dreams,  "HEARTBEAT" .

December 28, 2006
I'm mixing several tracks for the next FROZEN RAIN record. 

December 7, 2006
Norway is donating royalties to Music Rising.

Jim hanging with legendary producer, songwriter, guitarist Todd Rundgren
Todd&Jim-sm.jpg (15131 bytes)
I went to a show doing  a tribute to Abbey Road featuring Alan Parsons, John Entwhistle(RIP), Ann Wilson (Heart), Dave Pack (Ambrosia) and the great Todd Rundgren. We were invited to go backstage for the after show party, and it was a big thrill to meet meet all those great players and especially Todd. We had a few moments to chat and snap a few pics. My wife and I were so glad to meet Todd that we forgot(?) to take pics of everyone else!

I've added some guitar to tracks for the new CD from singer/songwriter Laura Diamond. I love her stuff, and feel lucky to have been able to play on a few tracks. She has a very cool modern alt/folk thing happening. Laura's new CD "FLOWER GARDEN" IS  NOW OUT - BUY A COPY!!!

Legend Picks
Jim uses Legend GuitarPicks.   

Current Gear

Gibson Les Paul Custom
 Gibson Les Paul Studio
 Fender "Splattercaster"

  Fender Cat Strat
 Fender Fat Strat
Fender 12 String Stratocaster
  Epiphone Casino
  Harmony H15 (vintage)
Charvel Bass
Charvel Model 4

Taylor 210ce
Washburn 12 string

  Marshall  2 x 12 cabinet (circa 1970)
  Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 
Vox Valvetronix

Keyboards. Miscellaneous & effects
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah
Radial Big Shot splitter
Radial Re-Amp

Johnson J-Station

Korg A-3 preamp/processor 
Roland Tuner
Korg 05w/r Module
Emu Studio X Sampler
  KORG M50 Workstation
 Roland JV880 Synth Module
Boss SE-50


 Besides the AOR   & MHR for Norway, I write and play in many different genres and styles. Here on this page I'll post my favorite riffs and solos from music I've written. 
Here's a song demo I wrote for a female artist in Japan,I played all the instruments and the lovely AdryA(Mattsson) sang the vocal for me. Tell me what you think ! 

 I Dont Want You No More.mp3


I finally found the perfect STRAT.
After buying and selling maybe 1/2 dozen Strats, I've found "the one". Plays like a dream, looks great, and sounds fantastic. 

Olympic  White, with gold hardware, mapleneck, Dimarzio Virtual Vintage pickups, locking tuners and an aged pearl pickguard.


A very cool limited edition Strat 12 string! Made in Japan, sounds so good I sold my Rickenbacker !

2008 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop

My latest addition to the family is a 2008 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty from the Gibson Custom Shop. It's true when they say "you don't find the guitar, the guitar finds you" . I must have played every Gibson they had at Sam Ash, and this one was magical. I dare say it plays sweeter than my Wine red '96 LP!




1984 Fender Stratocaster 

Outrageous '84 Strat. Made in Japan, it was hand painted in leopard print and then nitro clear coated. With a locking Floyd Rose and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Solo Pro's.





 I got this Les Paul Studio in '96. It's the guitar I used most often on our "ARRIVAL" CD, and is probably my favorite recording guitar.
A Seymour Duncan Distortion in the neck position, and a DiMarzio Tone-Zone in the bridge. I've also given it a bit of a new look this year, with "cream pearl" pickguard, toggle switch and all new gold hardware.

80's Charvel Model 4

I had one of these "back in the day", and for that 80's sound it cannot be beat!  I find myself picking this one up more & more.

2003 Fender "Splattercaster" 

A limited edition in 2003, remember those spin-art stands at carnivals? Fender did this with a variety of color guitars and different paints, so each one is unique ! Weird but cool! Had to have it :-) 

Taylor 210ce

I'm mostly a electric player, but the time comes when you have to have a good acoustic.  It's a slice of heaven.

2005  Washburn    12 string
I finally replaced my old Yamaha 12 string. It sounded fantastic, but the years took it's toll.
This new Washburn has made me a fan ! 


These amps are fantastic! 4 channels-all tube-from crystaline clean to the heaviest metal, it's all there. 


 It's no secret I've always been inspired by all things Beatle, so this Epiphone Casino was was a must. 
I had considered the natural John Lennon or the Noel Gallagher Supernova, but when I saw this beauty in turquoise I just had to have it! The "clean" tones are just breathtaking. You hear this on new songs  "Only One I Need" & "Haunted" from RUFTA.

HARMONY H15 (circa-1965-66)

My buddy Joe used the word "memory guitar" to describe a couple of axes in his collection. That got me thinking. This Harmony is the same as my very first guitar, except mine was sunburst!! I  picked up this "memory" on E-bay, and I wasn't disappointed. This 3/4 scale axe (think Fender Mustang or Duo-Sonic) was every bit the "player" I remembered it to be. And the DeArmond  pick-ups are smoooooth. It was very beat up, so I refinished it in a fender Vintage Cream color.
No doubt you're gonna hear this baby on the next record.

'86 Charvel Bass.

I used this for most of the bass on Night Dreams, and whenever I need a bass for a demo. 
Active pickups, & great tone.


   Vox Valvetronix ADT30



Another great amp for recording. You can get just about any sound you want from this one.




specs:  80 moving faders/ automated mix-down, 40 tracks on hard disk plus unlimited tracks on PC
Gear includes:2- Yamaha AW4416A w/ADAT I/O, , MOTU MicroExpress, Audio Technica Tube /Rode NT5(pair) , BLUE -Baby Bottle, Sennheiser, AKG 214 and Shure mics, PC running Cubase  & Nuendo, Waves Diamond Bundle plug-ins, Antares Mic Modeler, Antares Tube, Nomad Blue Tubes, T-Raxx, Amplitube Jimi Hendrix w/Stealth USB plug,Auto-Tune,Wavlab,Korg-A3, Behringer Virtualizer, Yamaha SPX50D, Alesis D-4, PSP PCM42 & 84 plugins, Korg 05R/W, Korg M50 Workstation, Bosss SE50 multi-fx, Roland JV880, JVC Cassette, CD burner. Radial Re-Amp, JBL LSR monitors with Sub and MRC, AKG, Sennheiser & Audio Technica headphones, Sampson S-Phone headphone Amp , AP Audio Patchbays, Hughes & Kettner Switchblade, vintage Marshall cab with original greenbacks circa 1970, Johnson J-Station, Guitar Rig,   Emu Studio X sampler, Amplitube, Presonus VXP MIC PRE, Native Instruments FM7,Absynth,Moog soft synths,
Vox Valvetronix ADT30,  Universal Audio LA-610 Tube Pre/compressor Lexicon MP110, '76 Fender Pro Reverb, EMU 1820m PC interface

Services: Mixing, Producing,  recording,  arranging, engineering, musician -Lead guitar, bass, drum programming, keyboard sequencing. 
Have music film credits, TV and projects. Songwriting.